Overall Goals

  • To find a balance between sustainable, cost-effective and profitable professional activities of people working in the extreme High North conditions and their mental and physical health;
  • To enhance compatibility of traditional indigenous activities and industrial exploration of natural resources;
  • To create the base for involving of indigenous peoples’ representatives in the modern production (study of reluctance and low efficiency of indigenous peoples’ employment in industrial enterprises, motivation increase of indigenous peoples, study of traditional indigenous labor forms in order to transfer this experience in educational institutions);
  • To preserve people living and working in the Arctic from northern stress and "polar night" depression;
  • To bring to the table discussion of maritime and labor law issues in reference to the occupational health in the extreme Arctic conditions.

Main Activities

  • The annual summer schools for students and young scientists
  • Creation of the joint master program "Psychological support of labor in the High North conditions"
  • Joint interdisciplinary research aimed at development of an optimal system for medical and psychological support of work in the Arctic conditions
  • Information dissemination (blogs, websites, forums, chat rooms, etc.) on stress management, psychological protection from stress and "polar night depression" for people working in the High North. 

Current and Planned Activities

  • 2 - 4  September 2015  - World Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation England, Manchester. Meeting with potential members of the thematic network, to discuss possible cooperation.
  • 26-28 October 2015 - Russian petroleum conference SPE, Moscow, Russia. Discussion of the TN activities with the Tyumen State Oil and Gas University' members. Discussing the prospects of joint research expeditions with representatives of oil companies.
  • 24-29 January 2016 - Arctic Frontiers: industry and environment, Tromso, Norway. Meeting with the TN members, the presentation of interim results of joint work, coordination of further actions
  • 12 – 20 March 2016. Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) 2016 University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska. Meeting with the TN members to discuss a joint research' plan and work on the organization of the Summer School
  • 5 - 12 September 2016. Golubino village, Arkhangelsk Region, Russia. The Autumn research school for students and young scientists (on the NArFU’s base)