4.1.1. "Adaptive capacity of workplace in the changing Arctic"

The focus of the session is to increase awareness of the adaptive capacities of workplaces from an occupational health and safety point of view in the changing Arctic.

Several Arctic occupations such as tourism, transportation, fishing and aquaculture, agriculture, reindeer herding are influenced by climate change. Also, traditionally heavy industries, such as construction, forestry and open pit mining, are influenced by the direct and indirect impacts of the changing weather.

The aim of the session is to introduce state-of-art research on current and/or planned preparedness and practices of Arctic workplaces considering climate change, harsh weather, remoteness, and vulnerabilities.

We invite papers which extend our knowledge of the impact of the climate change on physical or mental performance of workers and on occupational safety as well as of the preventive or adaptive methods to mitigate such effects in the Arctic workplaces. The session gives opportunities to exchange experiences on education and share research results in the fields of occupational health and safety, physiology, psychology, and medical support of labor.

The session is open and we welcome young researchers at their early careers as well as experienced professionals to share their research studies with us.

The language of the session is English.

Both oral and poster presentations are welcome.

Session duration: 90 min

Abstract guidelines

Abstract submission deadline: 5th January 2024 at 17:00 CET