Board of Governors

UArctic's Board is our highest governing body and has general responsibility for UArctic’s strategic development and setting main priorities, including finances and staffing. The Board is made up of elected individuals all of whom serve in their personal capacities on behalf of UArctic. A student representative is also included as a member of the Board.

Current Board Members


Each member of UArctic is represented in the Council, which oversees our  program development and the direction of the organization. The Council also acts as a forum of consultation, networking and cooperation between all members. To address the Council's general responsibilities, Council Committees are maintained. Council member representatives and committee members meet annually.

Current Council Committee Members 

Other Bodies

Rectors' Forum

Not a governing body, the Rectors' Forum provides an opportunity for the highest level of leadership from our higher education member institutions to meet annually to exchange ideas, and strategic cooperation.

Friends of UArctic

Also outside our governance structure, UArctic invites distinguished individuals to serve as Friends of UArctic. We seek to consult with Friends for advice in particular areas, or to serve as advisors in our operations.