Application Procedure to and from Sweden

Outbound student mobility from Sweden

The north2north program finances outgoing student mobility from the following Swedish universities:

Each university offers approximately 5 scholarships of 19,000 SEK to 22,000 SEK for one semester.

Students who can apply for funding must have completed their first year of study and passed all exams.


The north2north Student Mobility Program has at its disposal a number of north2north tuition waivers for mobility to the north2north partner universities in North America. Information on which North American universities offer tuition fee waivers to Sweden will be available by late November.


Students will have to contact the north2north institutional contact at their home institution for more information on available tuition fee waivers and instructions on the student exchange application.

November - January: north2north students apply for scholarships and waivers from their Swedish home university by following the universities' usual routines for outbound exchange students.

Latest February 20: north2north institutional contacts allocate waivers to the students.

February/May: north2north students are nominated and apply for courses at host universities.


Inbound student mobility to Sweden

Sweden does not offer scholarships to incoming students. Application information will be sent from each Swedish north2north institution individually, so please contact each university's institutional contact well in advance to receive the required information on nomination and application.