Application Procedure to and from Denmark, Greenland and Faroe Islands

The Kingdom of Denmark north2north participating institutions are:


Aalborg University

Aarhus University

University of Southern Denmark

Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR)

Ilisimatusarfik / University of Greenland

Perorsaanermik Ilinniarfik / College of Social Education

Technical University of Denmark

University of the Faroe Islands

University College Copenhagen


Student grant categories for outbound and inbound students

  • Study exchange 2-5 months 1000€                                              
  • Study exchange 6-8 months 1300€                                                
  • Study exchange 9-12 months 1500€                                           
    + travel money 500€ within Europe or 1000€ outside of Europe                                                            
  • Field school/intensive course/conference attendance 1000€ within Europe or 1500 € outside of Europe                                                  


The National Agency for Kingdom of Denmark allocates waivers to institutions at the end of November.

February 15: Deadline for outbound students to apply for grants and North American waivers from their home university by following the universities' usual routines for outbound exchange students.

March 1: Deadline for Kingdom of Denmark north2north institutional contacts to express their prioritized list for outbound student allocations and waivers to their National Agency.



The National Agency for Kingdom of Denmark offers some grants for Nordic, North American and Scottish north2north students.

NB! Danish institutions can only offer tuition fee waivers for students if there is a bilateral agreement between the students’ home and host institutions. Check that there is a bilateral agreement; otherwise students have to pay a tuition fee.

February 15: Deadline for Nordic, North American and Scottish north2north institutional contacts to send the nomination and motivation letters of their students to the Danish, Greenlandic and Faroese north2north institutional contacts, based on what the students have selected as their first choice.

March 1: Deadline for Kingdom of Denmark north2north institutional contacts to express their prioritized list for inbound student allocations (who they can preliminary accept) to their National Agency.


Decision process

After the National Agencies have double-checked that there are no same applicants to the Nordic institutions, the National Agency can make the funding decision on inbound scholarships.

March 20: Kingdom of Denmark National Agency makes the funding decision and divides/distributes the funding in a lump sum and waivers among Kingdom of Denmark institutions.

March 30: Deadline for Kingdom of Denmark north2north institutional contacts to inform their outbound students on the scholarship results and the next steps. They will also contact the pre-selected inbound students and their home institutions about results with instructions on how to apply using the institution's own application system.

The Kingdom of Denmark institutions need to invoice the funding from the National Agency for Kingdom of Denmark. north2north contacts are responsible for transferring the funds to the selected inbound and outbound students. When intra-Kingdom of Denmark mobility is in question, the home institution transfer the funds.