Add Facilities to the Research Infrastructure Catalogue

The UArctic Research Infrastructure Catalogue is an online database for searching and identifying research infrastructures and facilities of UArctic member institutions. Listing your facilities helps increase your institution's visibility in the international scientific community, raise awareness about your capacities, and create potential for collaboration and efficient use of research infrastructures.

To add new research infrastructures and facilities, or to update or remove existing ones, contact, and we'll send you a link to your Research Infrastructure Catalogue update form. You can see a sample form here.

Note that the facilities listed must be operated by a UArctic member institution and available for external users as well.

You can search for infrastructures through the Research Infrastructure Catalogue search. A full list of submitted infrastructures is also available here.

Which infrastructures to list and what information to include?

The facilities listed in the Research Infrastructure Catalogue can include e.g. research stations, monitoring sites, botanical gardens, research vessels, observatories, library collections, laboratories and online databases. For further information on the different types, see the infrastructure definitions.

The infrastructures and facilities must provide services to external users (i.e. users outside of the institution). Those providing services only to institutional users should not be listed.

In addition to a basic description, each entry also contains information about the location, target disciplines, availability and possible cost of use. Research facilities operated in any language can be included in the Infrastructure Catalogue, but the information listed must still be in English.

We recommend you add the facilities, such as laboratories, research stations and observatories, of your research centres/institutes as separate entries. Another option is to give a short overview of the available facilities and services in the description of the research centre/institute. This is to ensure maximum visibility: as the Catalogue search is largely keyword/search word based, it is important that the description of the infrastructure matches the activities and services that are available to external users, as well as the keywords listed.