Add Programs and Courses to the Study Catalogue

The UArctic Study Catalogue helps students interested in northern issues to find the right institution for doing an exchange or even studying for a full degree. By adding northern-relevant programs and courses in the Study Catalogue, your institution can gain more visibility for your offerings and attract international students.

Check regularly that your institution's program and course entries are up to date and still relevant. An entry that has not been checked for two years will be temporarily hidden from the Study Catalogue until it has been updated with fresh information or verified, confirming that the entry is still valid. 

Contact the Secretariat ( to request a link to your institution's Study Catalogue update form to add, update, verify and remove programs and courses. You can see a sample form here.

If you are unsure whether your institution has any content in the Study Catalogue, or you would like to check the status of your institution's entries (expired/approved), click here.

Field School Calendar

The Study Catalogue contains a special section called the Field School Calendar. The listed courses are usually short, thematically-focused summer or winter schools, and include some kind of field component (field training, field work, excursions). 

To add a summer, winter or field school to the Field School Calendar, contact the Secretariat ( to request access to an institution-specific online form. 

Note that northern-relevant field schools can be submitted also by non-members. 

What counts as northern-relevant?

Northern-relevant programs and courses specifically deal with the Arctic region and its countries, focusing on different aspects such as environment, livelihoods, people, and cultures in the Arctic. Language courses are not normally included, unless they are for a northern indigenous or other minority language, or include a significant focus on Arctic culture as well.

What if a course is not taught in English?

Courses and programs taught in any language can be included in the Study Catalogue, but the details added to the Catalogue must still be in English, even if the local description and instruction are in another language.