Update Your Member Profile and Contact Information

Member profiles are one of the most meaningful ways to promote your institution and its activities. They provide a comprehensive overview of your institution, highlight its Arctic expertise, and show how your institution contributes to Arctic higher education and research.

Check regularly that your institution's basic information is up to date. Note that higher education institutions have two profiles, general and education-focused, with slightly different content.

  • To edit your member profile, contact the Secretariat (secretariat@uarctic.org) and we'll send you a link to your member profile update form. You can see an example form here.
  • To add pictures or videos, forward images or YouTube/Vimeo video links to secretariat@uarctic.org, or share through Dropbox, WeTransfer or similar service.

As an example of a complete member profile, see UiT The Arctic University of Norway's member profile.

A complete member profile contains:

1. Basic introduction, facts and figures

  • Profile text/description: A brief overview of your institution/organization for an external audience interested in higher education and research in the Circumpolar North, including potential students. Maximum 300 words.
  • Basic facts and figures: Web address, total number of staff (including academic staff), number of academic staff, number of students (undergraduate + graduate), annual operating budget (in euros), location (visible on the map).
  • Focus areas: A short bullet-point list of 3-5 key themes, areas of institutional specialization or strategic priorities – not a list of departments, institutes or degrees offered.
  • Fields of study: Only applies to higher education institutions. A list of available fields of study, which also serves as an overview of the educational opportunities at your institution. 
  • Institutional logo: The logo of your institution, preferably in PNG format.

2. Contact information

Each member institution should at minimum provide contact details (name, title, email) for the Head of Institution, primary and alternate Assembly representatives, and a membership fee contact.

We recommend that all members have one primary and one alternate Assembly representative to ensure smooth communication. These contacts are also visible on your institution's member profile and make networking easier.

We also recommend that you appoint a designated membership fee contact for your institution. This facilitates the payment process and reduces unnecessary email traffic. The membership fee contact person can also be the Assembly representative or alternate, but the role needs to be added separately in our database. 

In addition, if you are a higher education institution, check that you have provided an International Studies contact, and a north2north contact if your institution participates in the program. These contacts you'll find on the Education profile of your institution.

For information on how your institution's contact information is used, click here.

3. Promotional images and video

Images and videos representing your institution, people, activities and region.

PNG/JPG format is preferred, and images should be landscape (horizontal) orientation, resolution at least 800 pixels wide.

There is no limit to the number of supported images, but we don't recommend adding more than ten. Videos can be shared either as YouTube or Vimeo links.