umanitobaThe conference theme, "Imagining Inuit Imagining," refers to investigations of Inuit culture that mark the place of Inuit within the western imagination (imagining Inuit); discussion and reflection on Inuit imaginative productions (Inuit imaginings); and examination of the place of Inuit imagination in Qallunaat constructions or the way in which Inuit imagination is imagined (imagining Inuit imagining). Imagining is to be taken in its broadest sense, not only as a reference to creative works but also how both Qallunaat and Inuit imagine each other through theory.

Organizers welcome brief abstracts (150 to 250 words) and sessions that reflect upon these themes. Organizers specifically encourage scholars interested in the work of the late Alootook Ipellie to form a session. Abstracts may be submitted from any academic discipline, crossing the social sciences and humanities, though interdisciplinary work is especially welcome. Proposals from Inuit scholars or cultural producers, including new imaginative productions, are particularly welcome. The deadline for submissions is Friday, 29 February 2008.

For further information, please contact:
Chris Trott
Phone: 204-474-8101

Peter Kulchyski
Phone: 204-474-6333