85,3517The North3 project aim is to encourage youth across the Circumpolar Region to share their views of their region, via the Ookpik website, hosted by IISD. From the Site, participants will have the chance to answer three questions;
  1. Why is my community and its people special?
  2. What do regions of the Circumpolar world share in common, and how is my region like northern regions in other countries?
  3. What can be done to improve the lives and environment of northern residents in my community and elsewhere?
A selection of submissions from around the circumpolar world will eventually be published, helping to communicate northern experiences to people around the world.
The Ookpik Website also features a number of different opportunities, Arctic networks, events, information, contests and newsletters targeting northern youth. The site is designed for Arctic youth, with contributions from Arctic youth.
For more information on North3, please view the Electronic Brochure.
For more information on IISD, please visit their site!