This includes polar meteorology, atmospheric sciences, astronomy, and polar observations from Space.

The new "Above the Poles" pages can be found via a button on the homepage of, or directly at

This includes:

- a weather observation activity for students around the world, and summary flyers, available in many languages (English version attached)

- "launch a virtual weather balloon" - a great way for everyone to participate

- 2 live events -  Both of these events will connect you, your classes, friends, or colleagues, to polar researchers around the world, including in Antarctica! This is great for students and teacher professional development. Events occur during the day throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas, and New Zealand. Check the website for details in your timezone. Thank you to Liz Murphy Global Media and Polartrec "Live From IPY" for making these events possible.

- personal profiles, photos, and contact details for a wide range of scientists involved in research "Above the Poles" in both the Arctic and Antarctic

- "Above the Poles" background information, resources and educational activities endorsed by the scientific community

...and much more!

These Polar Days are designed as a way for the general public, teachers, and their classes to learn more about the Polar Regions and connect directly to polar researchers through simple, fun, and accessible activities.

We also encourage students to launch a virtual weather balloon with their own weather observation (see Weather Observation activity or flyers). It's great fun watching balloons go up as classrooms around the world get involved. Discuss the range of weather observations from around the world with your students as the balloons are launched!

Previous Polar Days explored the Polar Regions by considering Sea Ice, Ice Sheets, our Changing Earth, Polar Land and Life, and People. Associated activities and information for these can also be found at the above link.

The next IPY Day will be on March 19th 2009 and will focus on Polar Oceans.

To view an informational flyer about this event, go here: IPY Flyer
To view a summary of the event, go here: IPY Summary

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