“In 25 years, the Arctic environment may have tremendously changed with the disappearing Arctic
ice cap. Issues will be completely different, especially in glaciology and cryospheric researches. After the exploration and mapping era, after climate and environmental monitoring, will the next IPY be  dedicated to fresh water or oil reserves sharing? Will most of our programs then include the tourism issue? What would be the meaning of organising an IPY in 2033? At that time, I wish I could be a recognized climate and glaciology specialist which could defend environment interests by providing  correct and accurate information to political decision-makers. I wish I could work for the renewal of the Antarctic treaty as well as for the development of the same kind of conservation treaty concerning the Arctic basin and Greenland. During the next IPY, I would also lead my own project and field work in one of the two Polar Regions on Earth but also conduct an important sampling project on the Mars ice cap. I would also strive for a larger cooperation between scientists (technicians and researchers), philosophers  and politicians by organising an international forum/consortium about IPY issues.”

Emilie Beaudon, PhD candidate at the University of Oulu, reflecting on the possibilities for the next IPY and her ambition for being involved in it.