Hi, my name is Hakan Karakoc and I am from Turkey. I have always dreamt of traveling a lot. A friend of mine studied here, when he returned home he told us a lot about this place and the university. Some years ago I was given a chance to come to the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia.

"...the most rewarding experience of my life."

I got my higher education at the Department of Foreign Languages (Sakha State University), Russia. I love the years I have spent here. My time at the university has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Now I am conducting research for my dissertation in Ethnic Pedagogics. I have close relations with the Sakha families, as Northern people are very welcoming. I’ve learned the Sakha language and know I can speak it quite fluently. My dream is to read Olonkho (that’s the local form of Sakha).

Family dinner is a fantastic event here. I have been to many holidays and I like the national cuisine. The climate differs a lot, but as a life experience it has been interesting to come to know what real cold is.

Originally there were seven of us from Turkey. My friends have graduated from university and now they are working in different countries: Nigeria, Albania, Indonesia, Russia, and Turkey. My Russian friends, fellow students, live and work in many other countries.

I remember I seriously became interested in the North and Yakutia in 2000 when I finished college. I had heard from my history teacher, about climatic conditions of the Russian East and similarity between Turkish and Sakha languages. At that time, I hadn’t any experience in studying abroad. Now I have flown for 9 hours from Turkey to Yakutia, India, Bangladesh, Qatar, Malaysia, and Abudabi; I have had the most unique experiences.

"I am trying everything new and unusual..."

I first took courses here in 2000, for four years and then again in 2007 and now I am conducting research for my PhD candidate. I am trying everything new and unusual and now I’ m trying my hand at teaching and work as a distant teacher for the university of Bangladesh (advance care planning leadership).

My experience with the North has been an amazing one and the best experience of my life. It was pretty daunting coming to other side of the world, away from parents and all my friends, but I’ve had an unforgettable time and made special friendships that I hope will last for years to come.

Studying here has been absolutely unlike any other educational experience. The international office really helped to make us feel welcome and give us advice whenever we needed it. And the people who I met were so friendly and welcoming.

I am coming to the end of my PhD, but I fully intend to continue coming to the North and to Yakutia. I hope to be able to visit other regions, compare experiences, but also to return to Yakutia which has become like a second home to me, and I am so happy with my choice.

Of, course I would like to continue my education and I’m planning to have my PhD in Canada. Later on I would not hesitate to participate to any other program again and I highly recommend that everybody experience Yakutia – the Land of Olonkho.

"...explore the world and develop your global perspectives."

I’m absolutely assured that studying anywhere abroad is always an eye-opening experience. This is an opportunity to explore the world and develop your global perspectives.