The professorship is part of the agreement between Denmark and Greenland in connection with the formation of the Greenland Climate Research Centre. The purpose of the social science aspect of the climate research centre is to describe and assess the impact of climate change on Greenlandic society, including the economy, industry, technology, etc., and furthermore to develop adaptation strategies. Another objective is to build an environment within social science research, with the intention to illustrate the development of Greenlandic society in relation to climate change.

The purpose of the professorship is to build a social science environment with a focus on climate research at Ilisimatusarfik in close cooperation with the natural science and technical research communities at the Greenland Climate Research Centre.

The professorship will provide research, based on fundamental research and with a perspective in relation to long-term societal development scenarios, in the following main areas:

• climate change impact on industrial development and infrastructure
• climate change impact on adaptation strategies of the population
• climate change impact on the management of living resources

The professorship will ensure the development and implementation of education and communication activities related to the subject areas of the professorship.

The professorship is an independent department at Ilisimatusarfik. The Professorship reports directly to
Ilisimatusarfik's rector. An agreement of cooperation between Ilisimatusarfik and Greenland Climate Research Centre will be prepared.

More information on the position can be found here.

Applications should be forwarded to:
Ilisimatusarfik - University of Greenland
Att. Rector Tine Pars
PO Box 1061
3900 Nuuk
Fax +299 36 24 21

Applications must be received by the University no later than 1 May 2010

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Information about the Greenland Climate Research Centre is available at