Michel Bouchard, Canadian FS Coordinator and UNBC Professor and Olga Alekseevich, NETESDA leader and FS Russian Coordinator are happy to say that the school definitely was a success. Students liked small Komi villages in the region of Ust- Tsilma and the tundra with its Nenets, Khanty and Komi reindeer herders , who live in chums.

The network activities are going on. On July 10, 2012 NETESDA local work group ( representatives of local universities and ministries) gathered to talk over opportunities for future development. The solution was to organize together “ Eco-days” ,aimed to improve ecological knowledge among students and teachers. As it is planned the eco-days will include ecological film festival, exhibitions, master-classes and workshops. “We will try to make these eco-days international. We are planning to invite some international partner institutions to participate. I think we all have a lot to share. U-Arctic magazine is called – “Shared Voices ”. That’s what we need now. We need to share our voices. We need to share our minds. We need to share our knowledge. And threats, too. That’s the main goal of “Eco-days”,- says Olga Alekseevich, NETESDA leader.

“Eco-days” will be held in October 2012. All preparatory work will start in the end of August. Two creative environmental contests will take place in September as well. The contests will make the students think over the problem and get ready for further NETESDA events.