The overall aim of the programme is to produce new knowledge on how to foster and advance the transition to a bioeconomy-based society in the Nordic countries by integrating research, innovation and entrepreneurship in the private and public sectors. The programme will fund activities that are cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary, and that involve the private and public sector and other stakeholders.

The consortium must involve partner institutions from at least three of the funding countries (Finland including Åland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). Partner institutions from Denmark including the Faroe Islands and Greenland are eligible to participate. Partner institutions from non-Nordic countries must fund their own participation. 

This is a two phase call. Applicants must submit phase 1 proposals electronically through the NordForsk application portal no later than 14.00 CET on 16 March 2016. Phase 2 applications are by invitation only.

For more infromation, see the Call Announcement.

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