The specialists of University of Alaska Fairbanks and Department of Fish and Game concluded that unknown decease discovered on seals and walrus can be a result of exposure to radioactive element Cesium – 137. The increase of the amount of the animals suffered skin ulcer in its turn strongly related to Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster on March 2011. Toxic waste, growth of bacteria, caused by the ocean’s temperature increasing are also possible causes of the unknown disease. Later in this presentation authors demonstrate the results of seawater toxicology monitoring close to Alaska, subjects to which are radioactive isotopes Cesium – 134 (which is the main isotope found in huge amounts in the water and ground after the disaster in Japan) and Cesium – 137 (1.2-1.3 bq/m3 with US drinking water standards 7.400 bq/m3).

So, there’s no confirmation that the problem is somehow related to Japanese nuclear disaster and traces of Cesium might be a result of nuclear tests or several incidents related to nuclear waste outflow related to the activities of Camp Century (part of “Project Iceworm”) or Chernobyl fallout.

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Alexey Romanov