The position of the Professor is based within the Faculty of Education. The Faculty provides instruction in education, with adult education, media education and education for primary school teachers as major. It also includes the Centre for Media Pedagogy, Unit for Gender Studies, Unit for Continuing Education and Teacher Training School.

The areas of research conducted in the Faculty are closely linked to University’s strategic plan to expand research on change in the Arctic and Circumpolar North.

The following research themes are emphasized within the Faculty:

Educational, learning and teaching professions in northern communities

  • Education and pedagogy, with an emphasis on participation and differences
  • Learning, working life and wellbeing of adults
  • Wellbeing of children and youths in northern communities

The duty of the Professor of Education in Sociology of Adult Education is to carry out and promote research on societal and cultural aspects of lifelong learning and, based on this research, to advance the Faculty’s teaching at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. The duties also cover thesis supervision and the organisation of the Faculty’s doctoral studies and joint doctoral studies with other faculties. The Professor of Education will also prepare and implement research projects and participate in national and international collaboration. In addition, he/she is to participate in the Faculty’s other activities, development and administration.

The appointee for a professorship to be filled on scientific grounds is required to have a doctoral degree, superior academic competence, experience in leading scientific research, and the ability to provide high-quality teaching and supervising based on research. In addition, the appointed person must demonstrate that he/she has experience in international cooperation and, when deemed important for performing the duties of the position successfully, practical expertise in the field to which the position relates (Administrative Rules of Procedure of the University of Lapland, section 37).

The appointment plan specifies the duties of the associate professorship, the working environment, the qualification requirements, and other relevant information related to the appointment procedure. See the appointment plan>

The job-specific salary of the professor corresponds to levels 8–10 of the salary system for university teaching and research personnel (4656,16 €/month – 5934,94 €/month). In addition, the total salary includes a personal salary component amounting up to 46.3% of the job-specific component.

Applications are to be delivered by 1.00 pm on the 4th November 2016 to the following address: University of Lapland, PO Box 122, Registry (Yliopistonkatu 8), 96101 Rovaniemi. The application documents will not be returned to the applicant.

Further information: Pia Satta, Head of Administration, E-mail