The University of Lapland’s research profile focuses on change in the Arctic and Northern areas. Research on arctic indigenous peoples supports this profile. This research field is broadly defined so that indigenous peoples are approached from the structures and strategies of the peoples themselves, as well as from national and international perspectives. Some of the key research topics of the profiling area include the rights of arctic indigenous peoples, land use, culture, language and traditional ways of life. Research in this field offers a critical and multidisciplinary view into the lives of northern and arctic communities.

This position is a research and teaching position in accordance with the University’s four-tier structure of positions; the grounds for the temporary nature of the position are in the University’s structure of positions.

The position primarily focuses on post-doctoral research and the researcher’s career development.

The post-doctoral researcher’s position supports the university’s profiling measure Indigenous peoples in the Arctic. The successful applicant is expected to participate in supervising theses and teaching in the relevant field.

For information on qualification requirements and application procedure please see the attached call