The Arctic Frontiers Emerging Leaders programme included one week travel to Northern Norway and participation in the Policy Section of the Arctic Frontiers conference, which was organized January 24 – 29, 2016  in Tromsø.

The group consisted in total of 29 participants, of which 6 mentors, representing different fields of research. In addition to the young researchers among the conference participants, there were also representatives from field of politics and industry. “It was very useful to discuss and change opinions and experiences with other researchers with different backgrounds and also get a glimpse to the role of industry and policies in framing Arctic issues. Participation enabled me to broaden my understanding of the Arctic" Anna summarizes.

Anna was also among those 12 participants, who were chosen to give a "snapshot"-presentation of her research with the title: "Human Security in the Arctic." Perspectives of socio-emotional health and well/ill-being" including also introduction to her research of loneliness. Presentation was received with great interest by the audience of the conference.

One of the Emerging Leaders 2016 -group members published an article about the program, its content, about the travel, participants and their vision of the future of the Arctic named #FutureArctic". This vision was also illustrated by a video, shot by the young researchers during one evening and presented in the Arctic Frontiers –conference. You will find the article and link to the video here.

"The programme and travel were very successful and I was able to make good and genuine contacts with other young researchers” tells Anna. “During this year we are planning to further process our #FutureArctic –vision for concrete actions and possible application for funding. Let´s see how it will turn out." 

Call for the Arctic Frontiers Emerging Leaders –programme for 2017 will open in the end of this year.

For more information about the programme, visit the Emerging Leaders web page.