The Nordic-Russian Cooperation Programme in Education and Research supports joint cooperation projects between higher education institutions in Russia and the Nordic Countries.

All applications must include at least three partners; one partner in at least two different Nordic countries and at least one partner in Russia.

Eligible partners in the Nordic countries are higher education institutions that are defined as such in their respective countries.

In Russia, eligible partners are all accredited institutions of higher education, which is providing education programmes at a level equivalent to that offered at the Nordic participating institutions, and limited to the following types of institutions:

  • National universities (Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University)
  • Universities participating in project 5-100.
  • Any other higher education institution under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
  • Private higher education institutions with documented partial public funding, i.e. grant allocations from Russian public funding agencies

Research institutes, non-governmental organisations, public agencies, private companies or other formalised organisations in the Nordic countries and/or in Russia may participate as network partners.

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