The 2016 expedition "Discovering secrets of the Novaya Zemlya" will last 20 days. The expedition team on board of the "Professor Molchanov" research vessel consists of 56 people from seven countries: 29 students and 21 researchers representing 17 scientific and educational organizations in Russia, Indonesia, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Canada and Brazil. Students and young professionals will have lectures and practical trainings in hydrometeorology, ecology and environment, arctic biology and other disciplines. They also will get acquainted with indigenous peoples of the North and their lifestyles and traditions, landscape and inhabitants of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago.

Expedition - 2016 is organized on the route:

Arkhangelsk – Kolguev Island – Matveev Island – Dolgy Island – Belyi Nos Meteostation – Varnek Settlement (Vaygach Island) – Meteostation named after Fedorov (Vaygach Island) – Malye Karmakuly Settlement (Novaya Zemlya) – Russkaya Gavan’ Bay (Novaya Zemlya) – Mac Bay (Novaya Zemlya) – Inostrantsev Bay (Novaya Zemlya) – the Zhelaniya Cape (Novaya Zemlya) – Arkhangelsk.

The expedition activities will be concentrated on monitoring of changes in ecosystems of coastal waters and islands in the Western sector of the Russian Arctic zone. An important aspect of the expedition is popularization of scientific, historical, cultural and natural heritage of Novaya Zemlya.

“Arctic Floating University” will return to Arkhangelsk June 27th. All news and updates about "Professor Molchanov" can be found through NArFU geoportal.

Video about the 2016 expedition is available here (in Russian).