The reason for this is the Bologna process, which is the process of convergence and harmonization of higher education systems of  European countries with the aim of creating a common European higher education area.

To this end, I have visited Aarhus University from 19 – 20 May 2016. The  aims were to establish academic contacts and knowledge exchange within the framework of  the North-2-North  program.

I’ve had two lectures on the following topics:  

  • “Philosophy of education in Russia: stages, challenges and aims (from Soviet period to present time)”;
  • “Educational reforms in modern Russia”.

I have also visited University College VIA in Aarhus. Colleagues from the College and I discussed the similarities and differences in the Danish and Russian educational systems.

Besides I have participated as a special guest at the Danish annual conference for teaching and learning in the high education “Leadership, development and survival at the university” (Nyborg, 17 – 18 May 2016).

I would like to thank Tina Bering Keiding, the Associate professor of the Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media through whom I was able to visit the wonderful University of Aarhus and to meet the real professionals in the field of education. Many thanks for our cooperation!