The international Permafrost/Natural Hazards Summer Field School course lasted for three weeks with 14 students from 9 different countries; India, China, Mongolia, Japan, Germany, UK, Norway, Russia and USA. 8 female and 6 male students attended the course.

Altogether 14 professors/doctors from China, Germany, Norway, USA, Russia, Japan were invited as lecturers. The field course focused to use the Central Yakutia landscape for studying different land forms and field techniques for studying permafrost. The course was a part of the activities of the Thematic Network on Permafrost and Natural Hazard joint course of the University of the Arctic. Last two years (2014-15), similar courses have been organised at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS), and this year the course was moved forward to Russia. From 2016 UNIS has took over the responsibility to continue this course as a true legacy of the Thematic Network on Permafrost Norwegian activity.

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