The Meeting was organized by Yugra State University, Regional Government, "NK "Kondaneft", “Surgutneftegas”, Saint Petersburg State University, Tomsk State University and Russian Botanical Society - under the auspices of UNESCO.

During 10 days researchers participated in scientific field work around Khanty-Mansiysk, in the natural park “Konda Lakes” and Surgut Polesye. Traditionally, it is aimed at exchanging experience of Sphagnum species' field determination. The researchers found both dispersed species and the ones listed in the Ugra Red Book.

38 Sphagnum species are known in Western Siberia. Participants of the Meeting managed to find almost all of them. Moreover, they discovered two new habitats of  Sphagnum subfulvum listed in the Ugra Red Book, and met several habitats of Sphagnum annulatum, which has been never known about in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug.

Researchers discussed flora diversity, biology, ecology, genetics and physiology of Sphagnum mosses. Special focus was on their practical application which is quite interesting for the region, 50% of which is covered with peatlands.

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