Marie Søndergaard is originally from Nuuk, Greenland, but moved to Denmark at the age of six. Already from childhood Marie was attracted to Greenland and its beautiful nature and sight, however, it was not until she traveled around in Africa that she realized how strong her commitment to the Arctic was and this was the place where she belong.

She is currently studying anthropology at Aarhus University and have done a half year exchange at UiT – The Arctic University of Norway focusing on subjects related to the Arctic. After finishing her bachelor she hopes to get accepted to the master program “Indigenous Studies” at UiT.  

During the following three months, Marie's plan is to explore the Arctic outdoors and the Finnish culture. Moreover, she will be during research for her bachelor thesis where she is focusing on the Sami identity in Finland and the challenges they face in a modern society

Even though the Arctic has been a part of her life for many years, it was not until she took an Arctic politic class in Tromsø that she got a glimpse how complicated and interesting the work “behind the scenes” in the Arctic are. She is therefore very happy and grateful that she get to experience the cooperative network of universities from the inside where she will only acquire even more knowledge about the Arctic region.
Her internship will last until March 31st 2017.