Candidates for President will indicate their intention regarding where the next ICASS will be held, and present the name of a Co-convener as part of their bid for presidency. The Co-convener will come from the institution that is proposed to host the next ICASS (if the candidate for President proposes her/his own institution as the site of the next ICASS, a Co-convener will come from her/his institution.) ICASS will normally be held at academic institutions, and locations in Arctic states are preferred.
Candidates for President are invited to prepare a short biographical sketch, qualifications and statement on their reasons for wanting to serve as IASSA President. The statement should also provide the rationale for the proposed site of the next ICASS. The bid should include evidence of institutional support from the highest level. The statement should not exceed two pages of text (not counting supporting letters). These statements will be published in Northern Notes prior to the ICASS meeting
Any candidate for President may also run as a candidate for Council.  Her/his name will not automatically be entered as a candidate for council: s/he must indicate an interest in this position as well as in the presidency.  Any person identified as Co-convener may run for IASSA Council (but is not required to).
Nominations for IASSA President must be received electronically by the IASSA President Peter Sköld ( with a copy to IASSA Secretary Gabriella Nordin ( by 20 March 2017.