Sámi allaskuvla will host an international conference: Sámi Education Conference: Reshaping Approaches to Indigenous Education. The aim of the conference is to share experiences from the indigenous world within the field of education. The conference will present stories from Sámi early childhood education, Sámi schools, Sámi teacher education and other Sámi and international indigenous education institutions.

Themes of the conference are:

  • children’s and students’ voices

  • teachers’ own stories

  • traditional knowledge and language in education

  • indigenous teaching

The conference language is English, Nordic languages and Sámi, and presentations in the auditorium will be interpreted. Sámi presenters are encouraged to give their presentations in Sámi.

Call for contributions: 

We call for contributions that are about Sámi and indigenous education in early childhood institutions, primary schools, higher education, and other educational institutions.

The conference will be arranged around duddjon & lávostallan sessions (traditional craft works, knowledge exchange and hanging out in the lávvu), keynote speeches, paper, poster and film presentations and workshops sessions.


See the full invitation here
Visit the conference webpage here.