The position is located at the Geography Research Unit, which has five professors in the fields of General and Regional Geography, Tourism Geographies, Physical Geography, Regional Change, Policy and Development and Geoinformatics. In addition, there are currently three post-doctoral positions as well as four doctoral student positions based on the Research Unit funding. The Geography Research Unit coordinates the Academy of Finland's RELATE Centre of Excellence of the Universities of Oulu, Tampere and Helsinki. In addition, the Unit is part of the REXSAC Nordic Centre of Excellence in Arctic Research.

The tenure-track position supports the profile of human geographical research activities at the Research Unit. The research focus in the position is in political ecology, which is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary field of studies. Hence, it is considered an advantage if the applicant's research is multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary and related to the key research focus areas at the Research Unit ( and the RELATE ( The person selected to the position is also expected to develop co-operation with research groups acting at the University of Oulu, in other Finnish Universities, and with international research units. To develop his/her research, the new Assistant or Associate Professor will receive an additional two-year starting grant from the Faculty of Science.

The successful applicant of this call will be placed at the level of Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Geography in tenure track system (, depending on the qualifications and research track (high quality publications) and teaching experience of the applicant, and is expected to qualify as full professor after 1 - 2 five-year periods.

Job Responsibilities, Required Qualifications and Language Proficiency
The tenure track position holder is responsible for developing internationally-oriented geographical research in the field of political ecology and is expected to participate in societal interaction and international collaboration in the field. The position holder will be required to follow the progress in the field, pursue and guide academic research and carry out and develop education in the field, hold examinations, guide practical exercises, mark written examinations and preliminary essays, and evaluate research papers and dissertations. In addition, administrative duties, participation in student admission and other tasks are included in the annual 1,624 working hours.

The required qualifications for the tenure track position in Geography, Political Ecology, include an applicable doctoral degree, scientific research merits, and teaching skills required for the position. The prerequisite for the position is the ability to collaborate in research, a capacity to lead a research group and to acquire external research funding. When selecting a person for the position, academic work abroad as well as merits in international co-operation, especially in the Arctic, are considered valuable.

The candidates to be considered for the position should have familiarity and specialist competence in the research field: Special emphasis will be given to research expertise within the field of political ecology, demonstrated by an outstanding international publication record. When assessing the applicant's merits, issues taken into consideration include scientific publications and other research achievements, teaching experience and pedagogical training as well as the skill to create teaching material and other teaching merits. In addition to this, the merits that will be taken into consideration are the applicant's activity in the scientific community, practical familiarity with the field concerned, and success in acquiring supplementary funding, scientific work abroad and other international activities.

The official teaching language at the University of Oulu is Finnish. However, teaching in English is possible, the Research Unit strongly supports international educational collaboration and has a Double Degree Programme (Tourism Geographies, MSc) with courses, and course works in English.

The salary will be based on the levels 5 - 6 (Assistant Professor) and 6 - 7 (Associate Professor) of the demand level chart for teaching and research personnel of the salary system of Finnish Universities. In addition to the basic salary of the appropriate tenure track level, supplementary salary bill be given for personal achievements and performance, the sum rising to a maximum of 46.3 % of the basic salary level for the position. Therefore, the full salary is approximately 3,500 - 4,500 euros per month for an Assistant Professor and 4,000 - 5,200 euros per month for an Associate Professor.

Selection Procedure
Applications, together with all relevant enclosures, should be submitted using electronic application form by 13.3.2017.
1) Brief curriculum vitae written in English, compiled in accordance with the instructions (see below);
2) List of publications classified as follows:
A. Peer-reviewed scientific articles
Original journal articles, review articles, literature reviews, systematic reviews, sections and chapters in scientific books and conference proceedings etc.
B. Non-refereed scientific articles
Non-refereed journal articles, book sections and non-refereed conference proceedings etc.
C. Publications intended for professional communities
Articles in trade journals, articles in professional manuals or guides, textbook materials, professional conference proceedings, published development or research reports etc.
D. Patents and invention disclosures
3) Teaching merits of relevance to the post concerned are requested to be presented in the form of a teaching portfolio, or a comparable document. The portfolio or other document should follow the table of contents presented on.
4) Brief research and teaching action plan in English with a special emphasis on how the plan benefits the above-mentioned focus areas
5) A separate list of fifteen (15) publications: Applicants are kindly asked to prepare for the situation in which, after the closing of the application period, the Faculty might request them to submit 15 publications of their choice to be sent to the reviewers for assessment and to be taken into consideration upon evaluation of the eligibility and scientific merits. When requested the publications should be submitted as PDF files.

For further questions, contact Professor Jarkko Saarinen