A brief anonymous online survey aims at giving you a chance to state where you see challenges and opportunities arising in the Polar Regions, which should be solved by future research. Your answers will build a fundamental basis for the white papers, which - once completed - will be given to the European Commission and other funding agencies as recommendations towards which issues need further investigation.

The survey comprises a short list of demographic questions, including your area of expertise, nationality and gender and one main question:

What are the most important topics in relation to your work and/or everyday life (either locally, nationally or internationally) in the Polar Regions that should be solved by future research? 

You will be able to list three topics. We will then ask you to categorize your topics under one of the five overarching themes:

  • People and societal issues
  • Climate and cryosphere
  • Sustainable resources and human impact
  • Polar biology, ecology and biodiversity
  • New technology

Please follow this link to participate in the survey: http://www.eu-polarnet.eu/project-themes/polar-research-for-science-and-society/public-consultation-on-research-priorities/

The survey closes on June 2, 2017.

Feel free to share this survey with anyone who could be interested in participating!