Competent experts were present at the conference: Carolyn Westbrook (Southampton Solent University, Great Britain), Timothy Thompson (Daejeon, South Korea), Anatoly Chudinov (Ural State Pedagogical University, Ekaterinburg, Russia), Victoria Kleimenova (Herzen State Pedagogical University, St. Petersburg, Russia), Elena Bogolyubova (Representational Office of the Department of Examinations of Cambridge University, St. Petersburg).

The tone of the professional discussion was set by presentations at the plenary session. Carolyn Westbrook devoted her speech to the development of a special area of study in the English language learning – “academic writing”, which helps students to gain skills, necessary for creating scientific articles that require knowledge of functional lexis used in various fields. Surgut State University linguists plan to develop this course in cooperation with Southampton Solent University.

According to Professor Anatoly Chudinov, another promising area of ​​research, as well as cooperation between universities, is the development of comparative political metaphorology: "The situation in the world makes it clear that we should all learn each other’s language, including political communication." Understanding of national, cultural specificities of metaphors and political images, used in public speeches by leaders of different countries, will promote cooperation between states, believes the Professor. Scientists from Surgut State University and their colleagues from Ural State Pedagogical University have been conducting a joint research in this field for a long time and will continue: an agreement on cooperation was signed by the rectors of both universities.

Contact person: Daria Veiraukh, public relations specialist, Surgut State University. Phone: +7(3462) 76-31-72