The conference will bring together telecommunications professionals working in the northern regions of the country: representatives of administrations, governmental agencies, communications service providers, specialists of large industrial holding groups and companies to exchange practical experience and make suggestions and recommendations, aimed at enhancing the capacity of the telecommunications infrastructure and services for the benefit of people, state and business in the High North.

Traditionally covered thematic areas are:

  • State policy in the field of communication and broadcasting in the Russian Arctic and in the High North territories;
  • Major infrastructure projects for the development of backbone networks and communication channels;
  • Overcoming the digital divide in the High North;
  • Development of the communications service business in the territories under consideration;
  • Creation of the telecommunications infrastructure supporting the work of industrial and transport enterprises in the High North and in the Russian Arctic;
  • Development of departmental communication networks in the Russian Arctic based on the examples of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, etc.;
  • Specifics of developing a communications infrastructure for extractive industry and fuel and energy sector;
  • Challenges of preservation and modernization of the television and radio broadcasting network in the High North and the Far East;
  • Use of advanced communication technologies in severe climatic conditions.


For detailed information about participation please visit the conference web page - http://www.связьнасевере.рф (in Russian)