The Innu and Inuit, and their predecessors have inhabited the Upper Lake Melville Region in Central Labrador for at least the last 7,000 years. Today the area is home to a variety of Innu, Inuit, and settler communities. Students in the field school will interact with a variety of heritage sites and people, and will learn about the complex history of the region and its relationship to social, cultural, and political circumstances today.

Participants in the field school will learn skills related to:

  • Archaeological survey, excavation, and monitoring;
  • Artifact cleaning, cataloguing, and storage;
  • Note-keeping, mapping, and data management;
  • Photography and digitization;
  • Heritage policy, legislation and permitting;
  • Indigenous and archaeological history;
  • Community participation and public engagement.

This field school is open to anyone who meets the entrance requirements for a Bachelor of Arts at Memorial University.

Steps to participate:

  • Become a MUN student ($50 application fee applies)
  • Register for ARCH 2480 and ARCH 3583 using or a Course Change Forum ($275 fee per course, total $550)
  • Pay course fee ($250 supplies - everyone) ($1000 meals & accommodation - if required)
  • Be prepared to work outside in all conditions
  • Travel to Happy Valley-Goose Bay on July 1st, to begin class on July 2nd

For detailed information on how to apply, including registration deadlines, please contact Dr. Scott Neilsen at