PROMAS is the application and monitoring system of Kolarctic CBC (and two other programmes). 

GUIDELINES for the 3rd Call for Proposals includes the information that you need to know when making and submitting an application.
Guidelines 3rd CfP
Руководство для заявителей
Guidelines 3rd CfP FI

Who can apply?

  A project must have one Lead Partner and minimum one Partner. Formally, any legally registered organisations can act as Lead Partners or Partners.

  Geographical requirements:

  The programme region consists of:

In Norway: Nordland, Troms and Finnmark counties
In Sweden: Norrbotten and Västerbotten counties
In Finland: Lapland,  and Oulu Region
In Russia: Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions, Nenets autonomous district, Republic of Komi, republic of Karelia

At least one Partner or the Lead Partner must be from the participating Member State (Finland or Sweden) and at least one Partner from the Russian Federation. Partners from Norway may participate as equal Partners.
Kolarctic CBC may finance bilateral projects between Norway and Russia, in cases when the there is no possibility for the project to find a relevant Partner from Finland or Sweden, and the project activities concern oil and gas industry or fisheries.
National level public entities based in Helsinki, Moscow, Oslo and Stockholm can act as project Partners if they do not have units in the Programme area. Partners from outside of the programme area can participate as equal partners, when the project activities support Barents cooperation or Euro-Arctic development.

More information about financing, partner search, procedure is at the Kolarctic CBC website.