As has become the norm for Relate North events, scientific presentations took place in parallel with an art exhibition. The theme of the symposium, Collaborative Art, Design and Education, highlighted the benefits and challenges of cooperation in various fields of art and science, focusing particularly on teacher training. Participants at the international symposium traveled from eight different countries from as far afield as Alaska and the Komi Republic, Russia.

For more information visit symposium website.

ASAD is one of the most active Thematic Networks of the University of Arctic, with 26 Arctic Universities from eight countries. The network aims to identify, support and disseminate best practice and research in Arctic art, art education and design. For more information visit ASAD website.

The 8th Symposium will take place November 2019, at Syktyvkar State University in Russia.

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Timo Jokela

Lead of the Thematic Network on Arctic Sustainable Arts and Design

Either by e-mail or phone +358 7396034