The history textbook, entitled The Barents Region. A Transnational History of Subarctic Northern Europe, has eight chapters, each written by four authors, one from each of the four countries belonging to the Barents Region, and one concluding chapter. Prof. Lars Elenius of Luleå University of Technology served as the Chief Editor of the Barents history textbook.

The Encyclopedia of the Barents Region contains 415 articles contributed by 300 authors. The articles are of varying length and cover most aspects of life in the region, such as the history, demography, geography, economy, culture, and languages of the citizens living in the Barents Region.

The Barents history textbook as well as the Barents encyclopedia are intended for a broad readership. The two publications present information that is of interest for students in higher education, for academics in various disciplines, for employees in enterprises and public authorities, as well as for the general public.