We invite graduate level students, consultants and regulatory experts alike who intend to achieve relevant scientific, engineering and administrative knowledge and up-dated expertise for the sound development of suitable solutions for water treatment technologies under the harsh climate conditions of the high north to participate.

The course is a result of an already long-lasting international academic cooperation supported by the Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education (DIKU). The teachers come from Alaska, Canada, Denmark (Greenland), Russia, China and Norway.

The teaching will consist of a series of webinars, interactive discussion fora, quizzes and webinars. The concept combines academic multi-media-based teaching with individual and group work solving relevant exercises and cases. The course starts June 3rd and terminates June 19th . The first week you will have full day engagement where we go through the key aspects of the course. The two consecutive weeks (June 8th through June 19th) there will be two to four introductory sessions (e.g. Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and 2-4 common discussion and summary sessions. All lectures and common meetings will be taped so it will be possible to listen if you are in a different time zone or for some other reason cannot be present during the live presentation. In addition there will be group work and we will try to tailor the corresponding sessions with teachers involved to the different time zones (America, Asia).

The course is exploring new didactical methods and an open source digital database supporting the course is already available here. Take a look!

Information for the Summer School, application form in pdf format and language requirements are available here