This presentation featured in part his MOSAiC Pan Arctic Water Isotope Network (AKWIN) and his continuous, simultaneous measurements of water vapor isotopes (δ18O, δ2H) across the Arctic Basin.  This team is taking measurements from the Polarstern icebreaker (frozen into the Arctic Ocean since October 2019) and simultaneously from 7 land-based stations; including one at Pallas-Finland, two in northern Greenland, one on Svalbard at NyAlesund, one in Northern Sweden, and two in Alaska. The audio of Dr. Welker’s talk followed by a Greenland Ice Sheet water vapor isotope talk by Dr. Bruce Vaughn can be found at the link.

Full capture to the picture: NyAlesund, Svalbard, home to the worlds northerly most research village (79oN, 12oE). At the top of the Zeppelin Mountain is the world class Zeppelin Atmospheric Chemistry Observatory (ZO- (small specs of light in the picture on the sky line). Inside the ZO is where the UOulu-UiT Arctic5 collaboration for MOSAiC is underway with Apollo, our water vapor isotope instrument. To the right is the Norwegian Research Station, Sverdrup. December, 2019. 

IARPC is Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee that was initiated by President Obama to connect US Federal government and non-Federal government researchers and other stakeholders, including those overseas, to work together to solve the hard problems facing the Arctic today and beyond.