As the network celebrates its five year anniversary, this is a great opportunity to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished. In this short time period we’ve:

The network has also run 10 open access webinars that were attended by network participants from across the North. Group of network members - The Arctic Five - have created a joint online master study course on Arctic Inclusive Pedagogy, which will be piloted in 2021. In addition, the network sponsored research panels at national and international Arctic and education conferences including the 2018 UArctic Congress in Oulu and Helsinki, Finland, the Arctic Science Summit Week meeting in Arkhangelsk, Russia in 2019, the Finnish Education Research Association conference in 2019 and 2017and Arctic Spirit Conference in 2017 in Rovaniemi, Finland. The network has also organized two local summits for teachers, teacher educators, researchers and students – in Tromso in 2018 and in Levanger in 2020, and conferences, workshops and seminars in the member institutions.

As we start our next five years, we are preparing a second book, working on our current research and network developmentprojects, and planning symposia for the next UArctic Congress and the International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences! Learn more about our network at