This project builds on earlier work by Herbivory Network members where we compiled available evidence on effects of herbivores on tundra vegetation using a systematic map (Soininen et al, 2021). The systematic review will expand this effort beyond tundra vegetation to include other ecosystem components as well, and will focus on studies that compare areas with different herbivore diversity.

Following the guidelines of the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence (CEE), the process of the systematic review involves two steps: developing a systematic review protocol (that is then peer-reviewed and published), and using that protocol to conduct the actual systematic review. A smaller group of authors has been developing the protocol, that has now been published in Environmental Evidence. We have also started to work on the systematic review. There is still time if you want to get involved in this project! See here the call for collaboration, and contact Laura Barbero-Palacios for more information.

You can access the full text here.

Reference: Barrio, I.C., Barbero-Palacios, L., Kaarlejärvi, E., Speed, J.D.M., Heiðmarsson, S., Hik, D.S., Soininen, E.M. (2022) What are the effects of herbivore diversity on tundra ecosystems? A systematic review protocol. Environmental Evidence 11:1.

This project is a contribution to the TUNDRAsalad and CHARTER projects.