The main activity undertaken during the trip was a PhD workshop with the title ‘Reflexivity in research: PhD workshop on field relations and methodological reflections’. This 1½ day PhD workshop attracted two attendants from Aalborg University and no less than 15 from Fróðskaparsetur Føroya itself, all of them undertaking qualitative research in various contexts from entrepreneurship to social work.

"We had some really engaged debates and discussions about researcher positions in the field, insider/outsider relations and the ethics of doing fieldwork in small scale settings, where informants are likely to know each other (and maybe even know the researcher!) in advance. What better place than the Faroe Islands to discuss such issues!"

Comments from some of the attendants include the following statements: “The course has opened my eyes to alternative data and creative solutions/thinking” and “I really found the literature relevant and it widened my horizon”. All in all, teachers at the course Erika Hayfield and Firouz Gaini, both from Fróðskaparsetur Føroya, as well as Helene Pristed Nielsen from Aalborg University, considered the course a success, and we are already contemplating organising more PhD courses in the future