Every year, summer courses (2-4 weeks) are organized in the Nordic countries in the respective national languages and literature. The courses in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Finnish and Finland Swedish are repeated every year. The courses in Faroese, Sami and Greenlandic occur in certain intervals.

The courses give ECTS points, usually 10 ECTS. If you are admitted to a course, you will receive a scholarship to cover part of the travel expenses.

Nordkurs has offered summer courses in Nordic language and culture for students in the Nordic countries since 1955. Nordkurs is financially supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers through nordic language coordination, which manages the activities. Nordic Language Coordination controls concrete initiatives and cooperation between the Nordic countries. See more at http://nordisksprogkoordination.org/

Nordkurs is governed by a group of land coordinators appointed to represent each country on behalf of the participating institutions.

The Group of Land Coordinators appoints a Secretary-General who acts as anchor for the entire Northern Course. The role of the Secretary-General is to ensure contact with Nordic Language Coordination, which distributes funds for, among other things, the use of the language of the european union. Nordkurs on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The Secretary-General shall also ensure that annual meetings are held every September. The Secretary-General is normally elected for a period of 3 years and normally the post goes on a trip between countries.

The Secretary-General is currently Kim L. Ruggaard from Aarhus University, Denmark.

About the search process

  • You must be enrolled at a university in a Nordic country in order to apply for the summer courses.
  • Teaching and exams are mandatory - because we assume that you can participate in the entire course when you apply.
  • An approved exam is usually credited in the form of ECTS points. A course gives 10 ECTS points.

Deadline for application

The next application round will reopen at the end of January 2022.

Please note that you must receive a receipt after you have submitted your application.

The closing date for applications is 1 April 2022. Late applications are processed if seats are available.

You will be notified if you are approved during April 2022.

Students from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark who are admitted receive a scholarship to partially cover travel and subsistence expenses (card, lodging, course material). For students from Norway, the grant covers all travel and accommodation expenses. Students from Iceland do not receive a scholarship in connection with admission.

Important information for applicants:

The applications will be completed between mid-March and early April and you will all receive notification from the country coordinators in your countries whether you have been allocated a seat and if you have been refused. When you are admitted to the course, you will then receive information about the course from the individual course managers - April/May - and they are also the ones you should contact about practical information and other questions related to the courses. For scholarship questions, you should contact the country coordinators of your respective countries. Country coordinators and course managers' contact information can be found on the website under countries and individual courses.

After recording

  • For questions about courses, please contact the course manager. You will find the course manager during the individual offered course.
  • For questions regarding scholarships, please contact your national coordinator.
  • Information about special circumstances (e.g. disability) or requests (e.g. diet) should be provided before you arrive.
  • You need travel insurance.