Scientific Foci:

  • Health and Environment in the Context of Indigenous Culture
  • Human health, well-being and ecosystem change - general and specific issues
  • Reproductive health and reproductive behavior, indicators, estimations, criteria
  • Environmental quality and health impact
  • Long term impacts, vulnerability and resilience in Arctic socio-ecological systems.
  • Ways to solve the problems.

The working languages of the Seminar are Russian and English.

The Organizers of the Workshop may provide financial support for early career scientists (ECS) and principled participants of the workshop after the decision of the Program Committee. We can also support members of the Saami international communities, regardless of age, who will be presenting papers or making keynote speeches.

The definition used for ECS is “IASC/SCAR definition for early career scientists eligible to receive travel support is up to 5 years after completion of PhD” or a Master´s degree. There is no age limit in this. Just number of years since graduation.

Please, fill out registration form, prepare an abstract, and send it to the address:
or go through online registration .

Registration is free of charge. The deadline for registration and abstract submission is 10 February 2022

More information can be found in the information letter