The Arctic region is rapidly increasing in global significance. Climate change transforms the environmental conditions in previously unseen ways with new challenges and opportunities for logistics, resource exploitation and commercial development, but also exerting pressures on indigenous and local populations and vulnerable ecosystems. Geopolitical and strategic issues are brought to the forefront of the international political agendas.

The challenges encountered in the Arctic are mirrored in the Second Pole – the Antarctic, and particularly within the region of the Third Pole, the Himalayan Region. NVP has therefore decided to apply the concept of “Three Poles” to be the framework that links the Arctic, the Antarctic and the Himalayan regions as an umbrella framework for the Svalbard Summer Schools 2022 – 2023 -2024, to be held in Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

The main target group for the NVP Summer School 2022 – The Global Arctic, is PhD students and Postdocs. In some cases, students with a MSc degree or equivalent and with special professional qualifications may also participate. The relevance of current studies, including personal motivation and relevant experiences are important selection criteria.

Participation at the summer school is free. However, participants must cover their own transportation to and from Longyearbyen, accommodation and most meals during their stay. The Academy will organize accommodation to guarantee relative lower prices, during the scheduled stay in Longyearbyen. Some self catering is possible at the accommodation facilities. Applications for the NVP Summer School 2022 – The Global Arctic shall include a CV and a letter which describes a rationale and justification for the application. A tentative title of a poster to present current studies / projects should be included.

Applications are sent to the Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research (NVP), e-mail with the subject: “Application NVP summer school 2022”.
Application deadline is 20th April 2022. The selected candidates will be notified by the end of April.

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