In this issue, an interdisciplinary cohort of scholars and policy experts explores central policy issues regarding "The New North," including climate change, military security, economic development, and Indigenous rights in the Arctic.

Articles in this issue, include:

  • U.S. Engagement in the Arctic, Present, and Future;
  • Maine and the Global Arctic;
  • The New North is the Global Arctic;
  • Greenland at the Center of a Changing Arctic;
  • Arctic Conservation in the Hands of Indigenous Peoples;
  • Arctic Youth and the Anthropocene;
  • Safeguarding Traditional Indigenous Knowledge;
  • Reducing Risks in the Arctic during a Time of Increased Volatility;
  • The Russian Maritime Arctic;
  • The Rising Importance of Non-Arctic States in the Arctic;
  • The World Needs the Arctic and the Arctic Needs People;
  • Setting our Sights by the Northern Lights; and
  • Indigenous Leadership in the Arctic.

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