Organizers invite special session proposals for the Seventh International Symposium on Arctic Research (ISAR-7). This meeting will convene 6-10 March 2023 in Tachikawa City, Tokyo, Japan.

The theme of ISAR-7 is Transdisciplinary Studies on a Rapidly Changing Arctic Toward a Sustainable Society. During the meeting, participants will discuss how to find solutions from studies of various disciplines to the challenge of building a sustainable society in a rapidly changing Arctic.

The ISAR-7 consists of plenary sessions and breakout sessions. The breakout sessions include regular sessions and special sessions.

The regular sessions include:

  • Atmosphere;
  • Ocean and sea ice;
  • Rivers, lakes, permafrost, and snow cover;
  • Ice sheets, glaciers, and ice cores;
  • Terrestrial ecosystems;
  • Marine ecosystems;
  • Geospace;
  • Laws, politics, and economy;
  • Language, culture, and health; and
  • Engineering for sustainable development.

Proposals for special sessions should be submitted using the form provided on the ISAR-7 Sessions website and submitted to the ISAR-7 secretariat at

Proposal deadline: 16 May 2022

For more information, go to:
ISAR-7 Sessions webpage

For questions, contact:
Kentaro Watanabe