About the job
The position of secretariat employee is newly created. In addition to the basic secretarial tasks, it is therefore possible to influence part of the content of the position and the opportunity for new tasks to be added according to your competencies.
You will report to the head of the secretariat and you will have a central role in relation to the secretariat's internal and external coordination. With a sure hand, you help to ensure agility and a solid structure for the daily operations of the secretariat.
Your primary tasks will be to keep track of the meeting calendar and handle the daily inquiries to the secretariat. It is also part of your portfolio of tasks to keep the annual cycle updated and to keep a close eye on the fact that we are in step with set deadlines. In connection with the board's quarterly meetings, you will be responsible for preparing material and keeping hands on with decision presentations, follow-up, and reporting.
We emphasize that you are able and want to get to know our systems, workflows and stakeholders and use that knowledge actively in your work with us.


More info and application at: Sekretariatsmedarbejder til Arctic Hub - Namminersorlutik Oqartussat (emply.net)