As usual, the magazine features various voices from across our network. The three student representatives on the Board of UArctic talk about the reasons behind their active Arctic and UArctic engagement. We also hear from students who have benefited from Arctic mobility, both shorter and longer stays, and how the experiences have helped shape their lives. Several leads and members of UArctic Thematic Networks introduce some of their latest activities and discuss how their collaboration reflects on the individuals, institutions and communities involved. In addition, an internationally acclaimed director and producer shares why he is committed to supporting Indigenous filmmakers.

You can read Shared Voices 2022 online as individual articles, flip through on Issuu, or download the entire magazine as a PDF. Print copies are also available at the UArctic Assembly meeting in Portland, Maine.  


Table of Contents


The cover art is part of a photo series taken at a participatory art workshop in Sierijärvi, Finnish Lapland. Another picture from the same series came first in the student category of UArctic's annual photo competition, "Arctic Polarities".  

The magazine has been made possible with financial support from the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science, and the Government of Canada.