The workshop was attended by 23 people from Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. The workshop was led by Dr. Sharon Farnel, co-lead for the DALAM Network and Head of Metadata Strategies for the University of Alberta Library. 

Dr. Farnel led the group through the issues and challenges involved in the decolonization of metadata, including strategies for identifying subject headings and descriptive terms that are inappropriate and also issues involved in identifying culturally appropriate terminology. Dr. Farnel highlighted the complexities of working with a variety of organizations and institutions, including Indigenous organizations, to make the changes.  In particular, she focused on taking the time needed to ensure that community organizations are consulted and have time to reflect upon and discuss potential changes.

Participants in the workshop also had the opportunity to discuss decolonization in their libraries and archives and to learn from each others' experiences.  Participants left the workshop with a list of resources related to decolonizing metadata, and with a better understanding of the processes and the time that will be required.  They also left having met a supportive network of colleagues who are working on the same challenges.

The DALAM network welcomes new members who are working with the decolonization of Arctic library and archival metadata.  For further information, contact Sandy Campbell