Location: Nain, Hopedale, Postville, Rigolet and Makkovik 

Youth recruited for this position will:

  • Take part in a 5-7 day SmartICE operator training program and will learn how to operate or deploy SmartICE’s SmartKAMUTIK and SmartBUOY technologies
  • Support the local Nunatsiavut Government Conservation Officer in monitoring sea-ice safety with the SmartKAMUTIK on a regular basis during the ice season
  • Learn about equipment maintenance procedures and sea-ice safety measures
  • Develop new land-based skills and knowledge of local ice conditions
  • Gain skills and experience that are desirable to other employers through an employment readiness program. The program will include: first aid certification, WHIMIS, Lean 101, resume writing skills, and socio-emotional learning techniques

If you fit these criteria, SmartICE is looking for you!

• 18-30 years of age
• Available to work 15-20 hours per week from January to May
• Interested in technology, environmental monitoring, or communications
• Interested in supporting sea-ice safety in your community
• Interested in developing personal and employment skills
• Understanding of the importance of job safety, accountability, and mutual respect in the workplace


Dates: To be Determined
Rate of Pay: $20/hr

More info here.

If you are a youth in Nain interested in participating in this program, contact:

Rex Holwell, SmartICE Manager of Nunatsiavut Operations
Phone 922-2074 or email rex@smartice.org